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                Real Local News in Real Time
 Rob Patterson showed up where?  What was that
explosion??  Someone's got to know on the Zipper.

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                Real Local News in Real Time
 Where's the Party Tonight?  Password protected text
messaging boards
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  The best source of local news is you (and the thousands of you's in your area!)
Quickly add zips (local posts) by category such as high school, local area, current area, and even password protected private  channels (like the hottest parties)


Local News From Everyone!

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What is the Zipper Local News and Local Gossip App?

So many of today's apps and sites are based around relationships...established relationships with friends, family, and even the occasional object of our romantic crushes which is a great source of information about their local news but that's a small canvas of all the local news we would like to know about.  You could hear a large explosion in the building next door and none of your "friends" will probably have any idea what it's all about.  There's still a powerful need for real "Local" news and by local, it might be that wreck right in front of you.  The problem is that our current idea of local news is old and funneled down to the public based on what a few people think is newsworthy or worse yet, what the large mass of people think is important.  With more and more financial pressure on both local newspapers and local tv station affiliates, they have less resources on the street to catch news when it's happening.  By the time you hear it from them, it's old news.  That's why we created the zipper.

It was a simple idea stemming from a simple need as are most useful innovations.  We were heading on a highway to an Oakland Warriors game.  We're about 1 hour into the trip when traffic just stops on a Sunday afternoon.  We still had a good 1/2 (with no traffic) to go and I didn't know if the wreck was over the next hill or miles away.  I quickly brought out the Ipad and Iphone.  Yes, I had detailed maps down to the street view as my beckon call and traffic apps that would show general traffic in real time but it still didn't answer my question.  Where was the wreck?  Eventually, one of the traffic systems would report the wreck and eventually, it might get 5 seconds on some news report but none of that helped me determine if we should still try to make our came or just call it (since we might miss quite a bit).  That's where the Zipper started but it definitely didn't end there.   As a baseline, we realized that the best source of local news is you and the thousand's of you's in the area.  Everyone has smart phones and even embedded cameras so what if we have a quick and easy network to empower all those eyes and ears with the ability to report newsworthy items in real time.  We got excited.  I was use something that.  Real local news in real time.  We also realized that gossip in itself is form of news albeit less serious in nature and more importantly, we didn't want this lighter fare to interfere with the real local news that someone might use the zipper to get so we just carved out a special channel for local gossip and even allowed anonymous posts for that section.  Again, this protect the relevant local news that the Zipper app becomes the perfect vehicle for. 

Once we started building how we would want the zipper to function if we used it, we realized that we could essentially offer the ability to text for free over the network.  We could even create private channels that are accessed through a passcode that the creator originates as a mobile, private message board.  Let's face it, text messages can easily be found and read and sometimes, we just want a private channel for information.  The Zipper does that too.  So hopefully, we've done our due diligence and have created the Local News and Local Gossip app to end all need for others with a little side bonus of free and private text messaging for good measure.  Go ahead and give it a shot...or better yet, a Zip!