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How to Add Pictures to Local News and Gossip Zips


I like to think that I'm a literary person but when I pick up a magazine or local newspaper, let's face it.  I find myself first looking at the pictures.  Maybe it's the fault of a simple mind or maybe humans are just drawn to visual representations first because it's easier and in many cases, so much more powerful.  I think we'll stick with the simpleton diagnosis in my case but there's no getting around the power of photos.  This would be the opportune time to regurgitate the "pictures is worth a 1000 words" saying but I won't do that.  Ooops.   Anyway, we wanted the Zipper to have the ability to add and view local news and if possible, local gossip pictures (not sure what that would look like but let's keep it legal).  There are just some situations where a picture nails a local news story.   Let's look at how to bring pictures into the....picture.

First, a quick thought on what makes local  If I write a Zip on the coffee I'm drinking right now, that's not news.  Who really cares.  It's pretty similar to every other cup of coffee had everywhere around the world no matter how good your local brew might be.  Not very interesting and definitely not news, local or otherwise.  To be local news, a given situation needs to be out of the ordinary almost by definition.  If anything, it new to you.  This generally falls into 2 categories.  One is that which we expect such as the results of a high school football game or the meeting to vote on a new sports stadium.  We expect a decision one way or the other but the final outcome is news to us.  The other is something completely unexpected such as a small plane landing on one of our freeways.  Definitely not expected.  The latter category is probably more apt to need a photo.  Better put, we want to "see that".  You don't usually see a plane on a highway unless you're deep in a 3rd world country and even then, it's novel.  Even in the 1st category, we want to see the outcome,...maybe a candidate giving an acceptance speech or if you're partisan, giving that elusive bug-eyed capture.  Who doesn't love the inevitable strange look with stop motion photography.  If anything, the photo provides an almost instantaneous answer to our question of "who won??".  We can read further if we want the picture draws our attention which is next important point about adding pictures to your zip.

When you're scanning through text, what catches your eye.  If you have 10 zips at the top of the Zipper in a given category and one of them has a picture, which Zip post do you think will get the most play?  Most likely, it's the one with the picture.  We can't help it being visual creatures.  Of course, the picture needs to match the Zip's content or it will get pummeled and knocked down almost instantaneously with the Thumbs. 

How do you add a picture to a Zip?  It's easy.  When you're creating the zip post, there will be a button right there for add picture.  You can even add it later or as a rezip if you need to.  This provides a pictorial history of a given local news event which is really cool.  So go ahead, snap away and may your Zips pop.     


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