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 Quick tips to help you get the most out of the app

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The Zipper is whole different kind of app where the relationship is with your local news and gossip, not with the people.  This opens up your available news front considerably but it may also raise some questions.  We're here and happy to help you with any questions that come up.  Let's walk through some of the common areas we get questions on.

Getting Started with the Zipper
We'll have many articles to address questions regarding how to use the Zipper and get started into the brave, new world of Zips but there may be questions not covered.  In fact, we're sure you'll have new twists and wrinkles on how you use the Zipper app to bring the rich world of local news and local gossips to your smart app screen.  Check out the Zipper News Center, but by all means, you can email us at with any additional questions.  We tried to make the actual app as easy as possible to jump right in to.  The Quick Tips and Screen walk-throughs will help you further as well. 

Questions About Content on the Zipper
What if you disagree with something that's showing on the Zipper or if there's inappropriate language/content.  We take this very seriously and it's right in our Terms of Use.  Ultimately, the Zipper is a community...a local community of strangers who share local news and local gossip as their common thread.  A community needs to have mutual respect for each other.  It doesn't mean we can't agree or that we're going to like everything we read but there are certain lines you don't cross.  Since we're dealing with potentially billions of messages, there's no way to police every thing that ends up on the Zipper.  We flip this on this head and gave you the power to police what the zipper shows.  There are two ways to affect online Zips that are readily available to you now.  First, you can use the "Thumbs" to cast your individual vote on whether a piece of news is true or false.  Enough of the "Thumb's Down" and that message will quickly fade into oblivion.  The other way is to ReZip or post a follow-up message to the original zip.  You can give correct information if the original Zip was inaccurate or you can cast your judgment as to the nature of the original Zip.  Usually, it's better to use the Thumbs for a quick way to disapprove of the original message since a ReZip will give the original message some buoyancy unless you have hard information to refute the original message.  These two features will handle a lot of the nonsense that might arise but if something violates the Terms or even the Law, let us know right away at

We get recommendations from our Zippers all the time and some of them are really good!  If you have improvements you want to request for the Zipper local news and local gossip app, please send them to us.  If they're good, we'll look at working them into the next roll out.  We're constantly trying to improve the system and make it work the way you want it to work so by all means, we encourage all feedback, positive or negative on how we can make the Zipper App better.  Please send these to


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