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The Fun Side of High School


When you get a chance, go take a look at the website for your local high school.  It's going to be pretty stripped down and even it's up to date and modern, the information there is not going to be terrible exciting.  Yes, you can find your local high school calendar and they may have some photos of teachers and administrators, but it's pretty much the business end of the whole high school experience.  If you're a high schooler, this stuff is important to make sure you can find some piece of info when you need it but it definitely doesn't encompass the gist of high school life.  In fact, outside of your social networks, it's really hard to find a spot online to get the fun side of high school life.   Till now.  Let's check out the Zipper app and how to use it as your way to keep up on the fun side of high school.

High school life is a unique period of time in life partially because it's the only time you're ever going to be age 14-18 and that period of time is exciting in and of itself.  Everything's still new to you and yet, you're starting to get some freedom and swagger.  This all happens during your high school years which only happens once.  Most of your online social tools are grouped around existing networks.  Facebook comes to mind right away but there are others depending on what you're in to.  The closest network to mirror potential high school news and info would be facebook but even that doesn't cover everything (or even half of everything).  Your high school may have a twitter account but that's a slightly hipper version of the online website that the high school website provides in terms of the type of information provided.  Yes, you get updates on high school activities in real time but mom and dad also probably get this so you can expect to still be pretty tame.  So what can the Zipper do about it? 

The Zipper app can be used to get you the fun side of high school immediately on your smart phone through a free online app.  You create, rate, and ultimately control the content so there's no censor aside from what you and your fellow high school students deem to be important high school news.  If you want to comment on the lame fashion trend currently sweeping the school, have at it.  If you want to support the team before the upcoming big game, game on.  There's a whole host of different topics you can speak to regarding your high school life.  The nice thing about the Zipper is that you can specify location and one of them is High School.  This way, you can automatically filter the info you post and read to what's going on at your high school.  You can even check out gossip specific to just your high school.  As discussed in other articles, keep it respectable or at least legal since the same rules that apply about bullying or slander apply online as well.  That won't stop you from anonymously posting that crush you have from 1st period.  High school gossip posts can be done anonymously.  Besides gossip, what topics make for good high school news fodder?

The obvious hot topics would be your high school sports (scores, calendars, players, trash talk), classes and teachers, extra-curricular activities and clubs, social events and parties, and just that shout out to everyone when you need to be heard.  We're sure there will be a whole channel or section on griping about parents.  Some things never change after all. 

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