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The Zipper High School Location


High school.  What can we say about it?  Originally, the whole concept of the Zipper local news and local gossip app came from idea of a better way to communicate within a high school with smart phones.  LIke all ideas, the Zipper sprang from a lack of something out there in the real world which we felt was needed.   High school websites are all sponsored by the school systems themselves and they're great for the "business" of high school such as schedules, phone numbers, faculty names, etc but they do nothing for the "life" of high school.   The fun stuff that actually makes high school the event that it is.  We wanted something to capture that part of high school.  You can always go on the schools site or check their twitter feed (if your high school's a little more sophisticated) for the attendance line but what about the real grist of high school.  Parties, gossip, events, sports....parties.   Where can you get a lifeline on the pulse of high school life?  Glad you asked.

The easiest way to get all this info and give as well is with the Zipper App on ITunes or Droid markets.  It's free and there are two ways to narrow or filter the posts you see.  Under the Location button, you will see "High School" as a location.  This is it.  This is what we've been looking for all this time.  When you hit the Location button, a flywheel will pop up with all the available locations.  The default setting is "All" but you can quickly switch it to High School.  The smart app phone will automatically filter for your particular high school in your area.  The high school location may actually require a pass code to access this Location since we don't people outside the high school eavesdropping.  This partially depends on how you set it up.  Once you're tied up into the system, you will have access to Zips or posts from all and to all high school members within that school.  The basic function of the posts and the use of Channels (including gossip) will be the same but the High School filter will apply it to only items within High School.   If someone posts Zips which are not appropriate to your High School, they can be flagged and also, the Thumbs (specifically the Thumbs down) mechanism will quickly drop the message into Zipper oblivion.  So what kind of Zip posts are relevant to the High School location?

Basically, anything that pertains to your High School life.  It could be events such as where the game is, directions, carpooling, assemblies, menus, senior trips, class pranks, parties on the weekend, you name it.  It might even be if someone has Mr. Hand's notes from English.  That's relevant if you suddenly can't find your copy (and you happen to be Jeff Spicolli).  You can switch the Channel to sports and keep the Location at High School to get up to date stats, scores, etc on your high school's sports teams.  Maybe you have an up and coming high school band that's destined for stardom and they're still playing someone's back yard.  Coo.  You can post or find out about it on the Zipper.  Sky's the limit and we probably haven't even though of how high schooler's will use the Zipper and High School location.  Yes, it's a little scary but the benefits are huge in the ability to find out what's going on in your high school instantly through your smart phone ZIpper app.  So....where is the party tonight?


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