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Now, You're Everwhere Local Gossip Happens


Donít you ever wish to know  what gossip is really true? Do you ever wonder how paparazzi can actually get the latest scoop of local and international celebrity gossip? The Zipper might be the answer for you!

What is The Zipper?

The Zipper is the latest local news app for iPhones, android phones, and smart phones that allows users, whether paparazzi or not, to share newsworthy events with the use of the simple android app.

The Zipper empowers ordinary people to share news while its happening through the use of this new app. The Zipper is easy to use! Categorize your news according to gossip, deals, traffic, sports, eats, crush, and emergency. Any news thatís worth telling to the public can be submitted here. It is like real news in real time reported by real people.

You wonít have any doubts about the authenticity of the news because these are from real people who are true witnesses to the event, not just the glamorized version produced by the media.

The Zipper Ė Great for Sharing Gossip!

Everyone loves to have a scoop of the latest gossip once in a while Ė a break from the gory and depressing news of dead people, wars in some regions, local officials stealing money, or news that the oil price is soaring high yet again.  The real deal though is stuff you see right on the street with your peeps around you.  Just think about any given time, something crazy is happening right in your local area.  Right Now!  Every now and then, you happen to be right there when it happens and it's one of those "OMG" moments but for most situations, you're so not there.  That's what the Zipper is for.  Whoever is there can snap a pic and update the Zipper with the news in real time.  Now, you're everywhere!

With the Zipper, you can share the latest citing of celebrities, or local popular people, on the dot with the use of your smart phones! You donít have to worry about jeopardizing your name, reputation, and private life since the local news app comes with free texting and private texting features.

The Free Texting App

The makers of this new app have tweaked its way to allow users to send text messages for FREE. Now you donít have to worry about not having enough load to share your Zip post, or the latest happenings in your area. The free texting app can accommodate most of the communication networks serving the country. What makes this great is that the free texting feature does not have a catch. You can send as many messages without charge as freely as you can!

The Private Texting App

With The Zipperís private texting feature, users will be protected from unwanted attention and identity theft, as well as protecting you from being sued for libel. You can also opt to password protect your settings so that you can filter your news and keep your privacy as well.

The Zipper has many cool features and easy-to use interface so that even the newbie app users can easily navigate through. The Zipper is definitely the epitome of freedom of expression. For more inquiries, visit The Zipper Site at

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