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Online Local Crushes and the Zipper ap


As painful as they can be, crushes remain a part of life and as we get older, you wouldn't change that awkward feeling no longer experienced for anything in the world.  It's part of the process...a signature element to maturity that you just have to go through and to miss it, might just prevent the growing up process in itself.  The root dynamic of crushes may be the same these days as they were 100 or 1000 years ago but the expression is definitely different with the advent of online tools such as the local news and local gossip app, the Zipper for smart phones.  Let's take a look at how the Zipper can be used to project and amplify the age-old feelings of a crush online.

In the way back machine, crushes were all about word of mouth.  Maybe a friend would tell a friend who would tell the object of your friend.  Of course, this was planned out with intended effect.  Maybe the object of the crush would know who you were or maybe it was anonymous which always tended to stir the pot of high school gossip.  Maybe the delivery system was word of mouth or notes.  It might even be more creative with songs, shaving cream, or the always popular...just be real mean and snarky to the person for no reason.  Classic give-away.  All we're doing with the Zipper is updated the delivery system of said crush and here's how it works.

Let's say you have a serious crush on someone in your school.  They have no idea (which is always the best).  You can quickly go on the Zipper local news and local gossip app for smart phone crushing.  You would probably select the School location if you both go the same school or the Local location (essentially where you live).  You can then post your Crush online for all the local viewers to read it.  You can even make your Crush post anonymous during the whole post process.  Make sure to select the Crush tag so that it doesn't show in the general local news feed to everyone as it will probably get knocked down pretty quickly versus other genuine local news posts (even within your school).  Granted, a crush does fit in gossip to some extent but we built a whole tag just for crushes so why not put it there.  Plus, any viewers who are interested in whether someone might have a crush on them would go there.   So, set the settings to Crush for the Tag criteria and to the location that applies...generally School or Home location.  This is the best bet.

You can also post in the Crush tag if you know of someone elses crush on another person.  You can post with your profile info or anonymously as well but make sure not to hurt anyone with your posts.  Crushes can be trivial and fun or they can be seriously intense.  You don't want your local gossip posts to hurt anyone...just enough to keep things interesting which brings us to the art of the crush.

Why comes straight out and say, "Hey so and so, I have a crush on you".  You need to finesse it a bit more than that.  Give clues starting off with really vague and difficult to solve ones at that.  Slowly give bits of information to lead them across the finish line.  That's the fun of the crush...a sense of gamesmanship is in order.  Either way...directly or subtle in your delivery, the Zipper local news and local gossip app is ready to accept your crushing details. 



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