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 Rob Patterson showed up where?  What was that
explosion??  Someone's got to know on the Zipper.

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There's a hole in your information landscape.   You can get national and international news with ease with resources both traditional (Reuters, AP, etc) and non-traditional (blogs, twitter, etc).  You even have personal and immediate access to your close networks of friends (Facebook) and colleagues (LinkedIn) ad nauseum in case you need to know what they ate for lunch.  So we have the real far or remote covered and the real close and personal covered.  How much of your life does that information directly affect.  5%.   10% maybe.  Think about your day to day litany of requirements, to-do's, and obligations.  Whether you're in high school or high finance, there's a lot of news that is local but has absolutely no relationship with those in your personal network.  That probably makes up 90% of the local news that important to you.  So how do you get that information?

Well, there's the local newspaper or local newscast.  This works great for receiving information on someone else's schedule which seams pretty antiquated after having Tivo for half a decade now.  The newspaper is almost 24 hours hold and if they weren't the only game in town for local news, we would probably use it for kindling.  In all fairness, there are stories where we need more detail and reporting and the local news paper still as a chokehold on this level and quality of local news telling.  The newscast is quicker but less detailed and suffers from a greater encroachment of sensationalism than the papers.  The big local news story is probably going to get about 15 seconds on the newscasts but don't worry, you'll see the full 60 seconds on the dog that swims underwater.  So this is our source of real local news and there's nothing we can do about it.  Or is there.   

Let's first establish what we want.  We want real local news.  Check.  We want it immediately.  Check.  We also want to say what's important to us.  The water bond debate may not mean that much to us but the detour down our street probably is.  With the locals news provided by papers and newscasts, not only is it old by the time you get it, someone at the station or paper determined what was important to you.  This seems incredibly narrowing in the world of the internet where we get to pick what we're interested in.  I may not be in to tattoos on the local high school football teams but I don't really have a say.  This is where the zipper comes in.  Everyone has a say!

It's a simple idea.  The best source of local news are local people (which includes you, by the way).  Think about it.  To be a bit extreme, let's say you're sitting at a coffee shop and you see smoke coming out of the store across the way.  You don't know what the deal is but it is definitely news.  You post a Zip on the zipper about the smoke.  Someone else happens to be in the restaurant at the time and explains how the stove exploded in flames.  Another person asks why fire trucks are racing down University Ave.  You reply back to that zip with the explanation as they pull up in front.  This is all local news in real-time and most importantly, it's according to what's important to you.   None of your "friends" in Facebook probably know what you were even talking about and Twitter relationships won't help much either.  Local news is dependent on perfect strangers in your local area.  With the Zipper app, your relationship is now with the local news information, not people.  Perfect strangers can now shed a light on what you're seeing right in front of your eyes and vice versa.  Local News just got cool!                               

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