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The News Channel on the Zipper App


With the Zipper local news and local gossip app, we created the ability to filter not only what you read but what you write about with the use of Channels.  Think of channels as arraying zips specific to certain categories.  There's going to be a lot of information on the zip so it's nice to slice and dice according to what you want to find whether it's something serious (traffic) or just for fun (how about gossip).  We should probably start with the big poppa of all categories, News since this app is called the local news app after all!

First, how do you access different channels such as local news?   It's easy.  You'll see two drop downs up top that will open the now very familiar pinwheel scroll effect.  One says Channel and the other says Location.  They'll likely be set to all as default which captures all zips regardless of what their focus is.  Now to focus down a bit.  You just flip the wheel to "News" and the app will automatically filter the zips that are posted under the News heading.  Now everyone may have different ideas of what is considered news but the built-in ability to thumb up/down a given message keeps things in their correct place.  If a person puts an ad or spam in the news heading, they'll get lots of thumb downs and will quickly be relegated to the dust bin of history!  So what should we expect to find in the News bin?

This is the place for all local news fit to print.  It can be events going on in the area, crime stories (hopefully you don't have too many of these), election info, you name it.  It's basically anything you would expect to have in your newspaper under the main section (not international or State) and especially in the local section.  It's probably the widest category outside of "All" that's available and it's best to think of what "News" isn't first.  For example, take a look at the other Channels which then to be more specific (gossip, traffic, music, deals, etc) and if you don't see a really good fit for your zip, then news is probably a logical choice.  You can always keep it under "all" but targeting the zip to your intended audience is easy and always the best approach which brings up a good point, how do we write a zip within a certain Channel.

If you're creating a Zip and you're in a Channel, the system will automatically apply that Channel preference to the Zip.  When you're writing the original zip, you can always hit the Channel flywheel to switch it out.  Rezips will always match the Channel of their original Zip post.  A rezip can't switch the Channel since it's part of a thread of the original message.  If you really want to respond and feel it belongs somewhere else, just create a new post.  You can even reference the original zip if you like. 

The News Channel is the best place for all general local news bits with the focus on Local.  With time, there may be more Channels to add even more specification especially the Zipper fills up with messages.  The beauty of the News Channel is that everyone becomes a reporter on what they see, what they know, and more importantly...what they feel.    There's no better way to do local news than from the actual local people and the News Channel is the place to find out what's happening. 


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