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Traffic Channel on the Zipper App


It's really the reason we came up with the Zipper originally before realizing all the cool stuff you could do with a local news and local gossip app.  Getting a pulse on local traffic from the eyes (and apps) everywhere around you.  When I'm sitting in traffic's that's completely stalled and I'm late for school or work, I don't really care to hear what the reason was sometime tonight on news (if it even makes it that far unless a clown pursuit was involved).  I want to know info right now!  The only way to get that kind of information is with the Zipper local news and local gossip app and there's one Channel that's dialed into this info by design.  Let's take a look at the Traffic Channel on the Zipper local news smart phone app. 

The Traffic Channel is easy to find.  Once you have downloaded the free Zipper app and set up your account, you can quickly get to the Traffic Channel if that's what you need.  You simply click on the Channel's button to bring up the flywheel of available channels to choose from.  The Channels are filters that are applied to the total amount of local news and local gossip information so that you can more easily find what is needed.  The Traffic channel is one of the default channels available "right out of the box" so you will be able to select it right away.  Once you select the Traffic channel, the main Zipper window will come back but this time, only messages tagged with Traffic filter will appear.  How do these Zips get this particular designation?  Good question.

When you create your zips to put valuable local news and local gossip information up on the Zipper, you have the opportunity to select a filter or channel if you like.  The default is set to "All" unless you switch it.  It makes sense to narrow the focus to a particular Channel if your message definitely fits that Channel.  This will give it more prominence when a reader filters for what you have info about.  For example, if you just saw an 18 wheeler run into the side of a Dairy Queen (tried to pick something that's probably never happened), then where would you put it?  On one hand, it's a traffic Zip for sure since it involved the 18 wheeler truck but if you think about it, no one's going to be late as a result of this accident except for maybe the people in the drive through for their belt buster combo.  Decision decisions.  You could place it in both if you like and let the readers decide which is a better spot for it by voting with their "Thumbs" and rezips.  This is a good way to handle local news stories that straddle two different worlds and Channels.  Let the system sort it out for you. 

The Traffic channel can be very powerful.  Most of us drive cards, motorcycles, or tractors (I don't know, thought we should throw that in) and there's nothing more frustrating than being in traffic and having no idea how far away the situation is, if there is a situation at all, and how long you're going to be there.  Should you wait or turn around?  It's the not knowing that kills you.  Bring in the Zipper!  Go on there and see if anyone's closer to the cause of the issue.  Look there.  A Zip about a broken water main.  They shut down all lanes at University Ave and 4th.  Someone even uploaded a picture of it.  Other people are commenting.  One person's even there to fix it.  30 minutes?  Ouch.  Side street  or go home looks like the best setup.  Others start to do the same as they get info from the Zipper.  That's the power of local news and local traffic in real time at your fingertips.  Welcome to the Zipper.


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