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Local News App Empowers People


Local news is always placed on the shoulders of journalists, mass communication professionals, and the media. However, the media pertains to people, and local news is best told by the locals themselves.

With the newest Android app in the market, The Zipper makes it possible for ordinary citizens to become journalists of their own for as long as they own an iPhone, smart phone, or android phone.

Why it empowers people

With the popularity of social networking sites and the dwindling updates from the media, more and more people are getting the latest news from their friends through text messaging or status updates on Facebook and other similar networking sites.

News coming from real people themselves are more credible to the public, since news casters and publications usually screen out some non-newsworthy events. People rely much to android apps and text messages to get the newest happenings and events in their local area, or perhaps worldwide.

With The Zipper, people can broadcast news that they have seen with their own eyes and their own un-glamorized version of the story at the touch of their android phones. This empowers people to become responsible citizens who can give relevant and informative news to others, as well as being more aware to their environment.

The Zipper comes with private texting to protect the identity of the one posting the news. This new android app makes it possible to empower and protect people at the same time Ė the same type of treatment that journalists receive for being news media people.

Why buy The Zipper?

Well first of all, itís free so thatís a pretty good price.  The price of keeping tabs on your local news has never been so lowThe Zipper is yet to be released in app stores. The idea here is to avail this very useful android app while itís still hot and fresh.  

The Zipper has many cool features. News is not just broadcasted haphazardly while they occur. Zip posts (news events) are categorized according to: Gossip, Traffic, Sports, Deals, Eats, Crush, Music, and Emergency.  You can even build your own channels to get and give information for just the topics that are important to you.   Customize your local news till your heart is content. 

You can find all sort of news with The Zipper! From the latest local and international gossip, traffic reports on areas that can help you navigate your way to work or school, the latest scores of your favorite sports team, great deals and bargains in shops, the yummiest and newest restaurants in your area, what your crush is doing, the hottest music off the charts, and even the latest tragedies in your local area or elsewhere.

You can also opt to rate the news that you are reading. The local news app has an easy to navigate design that can be used by all ages, as long as you know how to use an android phone. The Zipper makes it possible for people to become updated to the latest events here and worldwide.

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