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Types of Local News


You may find yourself asking, so what are the different types of news that can be found on the Zipper local news app?  Good question and even though what people posts will fall into every kind of imaginable category, there are a few tried and true types of local news that dominate the app.  After all, the definition of local news is truly in the eye of the beholder.  I personally have no interest in the the Association for Unicorn Realization but the members probably do and I don’t really want to get on their bad side.  So let’s dive into the different types of local news you might find (and post) on the zipper.

First, there’s the general category of things that are out of the ordinary in your local area.  Look, no one wants to hear about my daily cup of coffee (you can go to Twitter for  that) but they might want to know if coffee house was just struck by a meteor.  Great, now I have to find a new place to get coffee but…was everyone okay??  If an event is out of the ordinary and big enough than it’s probably local news.  The great thing about the Zipper is that you can also attach pictures from your smart phone to complement a zip post.  Hearing about the meteor strike is one thing, seeing it is quite another and let’s face it, we’re all visual people. 

There are also the events that are schedule but for which we don’t know the final outcome.  Sports and politics definitely fall in this category.  Yes, we know there’s a local high school football game but we’re at work (at the coffee house, of course) and want to know who won?  The same could be said for the local mayor’s race and if you’re really civically active, the 3rd seat on the water board.  The Zipper is perfect for these since you can get information in real time.  Not only can you find out who won the game but get the play by play, pictures of game winning run, and shots of the crowd.  Anyone can add to the feed for more detail than you ever wanted or would ever be able to get from your local newspaper or news channel. 

Again, your definition of local news really depends on your definition of you.  There are some seemingly commercial posts that are really news to you.  If you have a favorite store or if you’re in the market for a second hand Gibson guitar (cherry finish of course), finding local posts is relevant to you and may be the best news all day.  Remember, the Zipper is a smart phone app designed to bring the local news from everyone to everyone and with the search feature, you can find info on exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s the reverse of the obnoxious commercials you have to sit through (thank you, Tivo), and the annoying ads you gloss over in the paper.  You find the local news posts for exactly what you’re looking for.  Going out to lunch with friends?   Check and see if there are deals by restaurant or within a general area.  That is news.  The fact that you profit from it doesn’t make it less so and there’s a place for that on the Zipper. 

Ultimately, the local “crowd” will determine what is local news with the use of their Thumbs and Rezips.  The general types of local news above are only a smattering of what you might find.  Again, news is now whatever you want it to be…some curmudgeon and partisan editor at the local paper.  Enjoy the power!


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