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You keep hearing about a smart phone app where they list all the parties for your high school or college.  Eventually, you get the name of the app...the Zipper (or the Big Zipper if you're nasty).  You grab your iPhone or Droid smart phone and check out the app store.  You type in the Zipper and there it is and it's free.  Just the right price for a student's budget.  You download, create an account, and're in.  The main window brings up local news and local gossip based on your phones location right away.  There might be all kinds of stuff from traffic to news to crushes.  That's not what you're looking for.  How do you find that message board for all the parties you keep hearing about at school?  We thought you would never ask. 

The fastest approach is to click the "Location" button at the top right corner.  A list of available Locations will pop up right away with the added option of searching for another location.  You'll also see "Find your School" if you're new to this process.  This is probably the best way to go.  It will take you to a search window where existing locations will pop up.  There, you will see various locations other people have created including one with your high school listed.  There may be others that show more specific info.   Let's say you go to City High.  You may see "City High", "City High pride", "City High Seniors 2012", etc.  You notice "CH-Weekend".  That's probably it.  You ask to join this group and a window pops up that requests the private password.  Some locations will have passwords while others will not.  Generally speaking, school based locations will probably have passwords and a local message board with weekend high school parties will definitely be password protected.  So how do you go about getting this password before another Friday night comes and goes. 

We went back and forth on this when designing the app.  On one hand, we discussed designing a password request feature where you can send a request to the location's creator with your info.  The creator can then send you the password or add you to the location.  We also discussed the power of word of mouth with groups...especially students.  If someone were to send you a request and you don't really know them, what would you do?  It might be a parent or a stranger.  Word of mouth gets around this so we decided on the initial launch to go this direction and this is why.

We felt it was much more exclusive to propagate the password or means of entry into a password protected message board by word of mouth or off-app.  This way, you know for sure who is part of the board.  It adds legitimacy and exclusivity but more importantly, it mirrors the way local news and local gossip moves around the real world which is word of mouth.  Why break something that isn't broken.  Let's take that same ability to spread like wildfire within an exclusive group and give it a smart phone app. 

So ask some of your friends what the password is.  Before you know it, you'll get the info and get access to a private and exclusive message board who's sole purpose is to make sure every Friday and Saturday night rocks!  Don't you love technology!


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